We have been sent some very beautiful poems, songs and even a vision endorsing the concept of world peace. With all due respect to the talent and idealism of the people who sent them this is not what we want.  Every sane person on the planet knows that world peace is a desirable state of affairs; we don't have to wax lyrical on it.  What we need are comments on the practicality and logistics of what is being proposed so that we can have something concrete and practical that can be put on the tables of world leaders as something that will actually work.       To submit a comment  please send it as an Email to:                        



Brilliant! loved the intro and clarity of the site and look forward to looking at it in more detail.Can I stick your website in a webring? my own notion of worldpeace can be assisted through the thought-experiment 2020worldpeace check out the website if you like. Would you be interested in a discussion conversation to compare models of how to achieve worldpeace realistically because I like your opening statement which is so bold: We believe that in this website lies the only real solution to the creation of World Peace. Brilliant! Thanks David Pinto, Teacher, Portugal.

Thanks for your support. Please feel free to promote this website anywhere you think it will help.


Global education leaders must be persuaded to teach a common language, (not
instead of mother tongue), no matter which language is chosen, then we can be
certain of what each other is saying in the media and will no longer be fooled
by our own or other, or opposing governments  -Lorraine Besset

Thank you for raising an important issue: we haven't touched on language in this website, but one of the consideration in creating a universal army of the nature that we have described, is that the soldiers would all have to speak the same language if it was going to work effectively. This may or may not open the door for the large scale application of esparanto, which would be ideal for this military purpose, but it would definitely require all cadets/soldiers wishing to join this army in learning the same language, which no doubt would eventually trickle through to the rest of the world's affairs.


Your website is very interesting but my comment would be that you have your head in the clouds -Nanaya (assistant to the president of Ghana)

Thank you for saying what no doubt many others will think. There is nothing wrong at all with having your head in the clouds as long as the feet are kept firmly on the ground. We have tried to present a plan that can actually be implemented in fact; not an idle dream. As far as we can see, we have succeeded.



While I haven't read your entire website yet, I would respectfully suggest  that  at the very opening you left off the most important of the world's  problems and the solution to world peace, namely, "Treating animals with respect!" This is veritably the pathway to world peace because it establishes the basic respect for life, without which we will never have world peace! Dr.Albert  Schweitzer said it best: "Until he extends the circle of his compassion to include all living things, man will not himself find peace! If we also seriously consider the dictum of Socrates: "There is but one  good, knowledge; there is but one evil, ignorance" we can come to recognize
that  the  worst of all human traits is arrogance and the most important need we have is to acquire humility. If and when we can gain this knowledge, a lesson that animals teach us so well, we'll have a chance to attain world peace.  Our failed basic perception of animals is a tragically huge void in human development. Until we learn to perceive them as co-living beings with whom we  share the planet, we'll be forever arrogant and devoid of humility -  Joseph Pastore , Animal Advocate & Rescuer , New York

One of the problems we point out in our website is the unlikely-hood of everyone in the world attaining that level of goodness and compassion that would make world peace inevitable. The world is full of base, self-centred  unfeeling individuals and it always will be. We offer an alternative  solution that takes this fact of life into consideration.
Please don't worry because your chosen line of compassionate work is not on our list; the list is only there to illustrate a point; anyone with a heart  to  do the line of work that you are doing will do it irrespective of our list.  We would like to add that in our view compassionate works, such as caring for animals, looking after the sick, orphans, widows and down and outs etc,  constitutes the MOST important work that people can possibly do; we embrace  the cause of world peace so that people such as yourself can get on and do these most important works without the disruption that fighting and war creates.  We do not decline from embracing these works ourselves with the erroneous view that striving for peace is more important; it isn't. God bless you for what you do.


I don't mean to rain on your parade, but people can never bring  about world peace, desirable as it may be. All the reasonableness on the  planet will never make world leaders agree on any given program. I say this because I too want world peace, but I have found a real solution and  (in my opinion, as well as that of 7,000,000 others) the only realistic solution. Don't shut your mind to this next comment please, because I am talking about Bible prophesy. People tend to close their ears and minds when  the Bible is mentioned and I'm hoping that you are not among those so disposed. The book of Daniel shows how the world leaders are merely
 puppets in the hands of demonic spirit forces. They cannot bring us peace because they cannot control themselves and they are not capable of governing  the human race fairly. The real solution, and ONLY solution, is for all of humanity to allow itself to be governed by the Kingdom of God in the hands of his appointed King, Jesus Christ. Man has attempted to govern himself for thousands of years and its time to admit his dismal failure and to accept God's government - the entire plan is documented in the Bible.
One government, one world, one faith, one human race - please!- Alan Baade

Thanks for your  comment. We did include prayer for peace in our website, as you well know, a
 little prayer beats the biggest demon anytime. We did also include the government by the wise and benevolent, which when it is properly
established,  will recognise and accede to the sovereignty  of the Lord Jesus Christ.. It  WILL be difficult to persuade world leaders to accept the plan, because of the power trips they are all on, that's why we favour the grass roots approach. This with prayer will make everything possible.  Here is something I know for sure - if even a fifth of the population got down on their knees and prayed for  world peace for just a few minutes, that world peace would be guaranteed and  assured. Don't lose heart. We can and will do it



I hope I am not the only one, but it appears to me that all the 'problems'  you list on your website are symptoms and not the real problem. I believe the real issue is that of a lack of connection with knowing who we really are. Once that is discovered and understood by all of humanity the other 'problems' will cease to exist - Dave Miller

Thank you for your comment.  What do you think would be the greatest and most difficult challenge: to enlighten the whole world or to set up a temporary security system while we are waiting for that to happen? It's the first isn't it! It is our intention that the army that we intend to create to uphold world peace would also of necessity be an institution that educated its members to 'know who they really are' and thus contribute to the enlightenment of the world.  We do not believe that its services as a peace keeping institution would be required forever, however we would hope for it to exist indefinitely as an institution of education, training (in health and martial arts) and enlightenment.


Hi Great Idea I really like it, after all what could be better than world peace through a huge military with bases everywhere and a monopoly on the use of violence. I can't see anything that could go wrong there. Count me in!
In order to move this idea forward I am ready to assume total military command (Don't worry I have experience, am a great organizer and am really a good person too!) Can't wait to start. Please send me a list of all your members, their locations and areas of expertise so I can start contacting them about their duties.




While it is very clear that this joker did not trouble himself to read the website before he submitted his comment, I am actually very grateful to him for drawing attention to what would be the greatest potential danger of this undertaking - it falling into the wrong hands of an incorrectly principled leadership. The website pages that deal with this problem are: 4):The Crucial Point  and 5):The Set Up.




I like the idea you are promoting, but I want to introduce you to another solution that I believe to be easier to achieve. Research shows that the 'Super radience' effect created by groups of specially trained meditators ahve created periods of peace both globally and in specific locations over the last thirty years.

You can check out the science on http://www.worldpeacegroup.org/world_peace_in_24_hours.html

Some of the studies are fascinating in themselves but the potential is truly awe inspiring. The maths tells us that we only need a group of 8,400 of these meditators to generate a peacekeeping effect for the whole world.

Kind regards  Jeremy Old


 We are very happy to post your comment on our website and to endorse its content. We have made a similar assertion on the page: Program for Peace




I like your ideas and commitment but as a country's military is one of its key pillars to maintain its sovereignty, none will be ready to give it up, ever.  The best way I feel is through education.  Conflict is born of poverty and ignorance, the best way out is through education, and when I say education I mean secular education.

I'll finish reading your website in detail and I'll see what I can do to help.
Regards, Richard, Ex-soldier.

Thank you for your interest and comment. What we hope we are offering here is an alternative means for countries to maintain their sovereignty without further need of national armies. You are perfectly correct that it will be a tough nut to crack. One possible solution could be for citizens to make sure that their leaders have adequate sexual equipment before voting them into power so that they don't have to compensate for any lack in that department by wanting bigger and better armies and weapons. National armies are not something national leaders are going to give up easily, but this is the major sacrifice everyone has to make to establish a permanent and enduring peace.  The will to achieve it will not come from the top but from the bottom, the will of the masses at grass-roots level is the force that will overcome any power-tripping leadership's erroneous ideas of national pride. For this reason the most important thing is for the masses to fully grasp the ideas that are presented here and to take them to heart, and the best help that anyone can give this cause is to spread the word at all levels.







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