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So far, nobody has shown us to the contrary

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  We now come to the real nitty-gritty in the matter of World Peace; what we discuss and do here will have far more effect and import than anything else that has preceded it. I hope that you will give this matter your Full Attention and be receptive and open to the content of this page:

      "With our thoughts we make the world!"

Have you ever heard that expression before? Can you understand exactly what it means?

Perhaps you think it means somebody has an idea; for a painting, or a building or an invention or business scheme for example; then by the sweat of their brow they work to make their idea real and something of substance? So that in order to have the item in material substance it first had to be preceded by the idea of it in someone's head?  Well to an extent it does mean that.

But what it really means is that if you think something in your head then it will eventually manifest as something in the material world whether you do anything to make it happen or not. It also means, more importantly for us, that if you don't think something in your head first then it will never manifest as something in the material world.

       Blue apples.

Let's make this clearer: Everybody knows that at this point in time there is no such thing as a blue apple. But as you read these words you can begin to see in your mind's eye the ordinary shape, size, smell etc. of an apple only the colour is bright blue. If you concentrate on this image you can make it seem as though it is something real and having substance; you have now created a thought of an apple that is blue.  Now that thought is something quite real and  substantial, if our eyes were adjusted to a different frequency we would be able to see it forming and coming into existence around your head like a thought bubble in a typical comic-book cartoon. The moment you stop thinking it, it detaches itself from around your head and floats off into the ether.

What happens to it then is one of the marvels and mysteries of the preternatural world; it sort of embeds itself in a cosmic womb of creative energies that nurture and nourish it until it has fully gestated and is ready to manifest as something of substance in the material world. We are going to prove it with these paragraphs; anyone reading this is going to think about a bright blue apple to a greater or lesser degree. All these thoughts are going to accumulate together and embed themselves in this cosmic womb where they will gestate and eventually materialise. We can fully expect sometime in the future to discover or otherwise hear about a bright blue apple that has somehow managed to be brought forth into the world by one means or another.

      All thoughts equal

But we have more serious matters to deal with than cobalt coxes; what we have to realise is that this cosmic womb is going to nourish and nurture any thought that drifts up into it, irrespective of whether it is something good or bad to us. As far as it is concerned they are all just thoughts, waiting to be grown and developed. It will just as well create a poisonous strawberry as a harmless rattlesnake, or just as well create a man-eating duck as it would a vegetarian crocodile. It would just as well create a situation of conflict and aggression as it would one of peace and harmony!

      To put it simply and succinctly:

War and conflict in the world is the manifestation of all the belligerent, hostile, and destructive thoughts that people have let slip into the ether without knowing what they were doing. It is also the absence of sufficient peaceful, harmonious, and tranquil thoughts that people have failed to create as a counter-measure.

There is so much violence, blood, guts and war brought to us through the media these days, whether it be fact or fiction, that you can barely imagine all the aggressive, brutal and pugnacious thoughts that people must be creating when they are watching it! What we have to do is counteract all this dubious thinking with thinking of a higher order. By organising ourselves to think thoughts of peace and harmony and letting them go into the ether we will create peace and harmony (in the cosmic womb) and allow it to manifest in the world around us. There is nothing in the world more important and more essential than this if we are serious in our quest for peace. EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT SURE that what I am saying is true, your help and co-operation in this matter would be of the utmost value; the more people that assist the better it will be.

      The procedure

The procedure to create our thoughts of peace will be as follows:

bullet Either alone or with others who are taking part, sit quietly and comfortably in a room where you will not be disturbed. Any convenient time will do, preferably on a daily or weekly basis.
bullet Relax your body and let your mind go blank, try to lose consciousness of your surroundings as much as possible.
bullet Start to generate thoughts of peace: imagine a world of peace and tranquillity, everyone going about their business with calm and repose, everyone safe and secure.
bullet  Silently think the words: 'Let there be peace in the world'.
bullet Stop thinking anything at all. This is important in order to let your thought escape into the ether.
bullet Go back about your business knowing that you have created a situation of peace in the world.


bullet OR, if you prefer, use the same procedure but visualise this: Imagine all the wars and troubles in the world, the shooting and the killing, see them in your mind's eye. Visualise them gradually subsiding and becoming calmer, more peaceful, until they all stop completely. Visualise nothing but peace and tranquillity remaining.
bullet Silently say the words: 'There is peace in the world'.
bullet Stop thinking and go about your business as before (knowing you have created a situation of peace in the world).


bullet OR, if you want the abstract version (abstract is more effective), use the same procedure as before but imagine this: visualise the world, on it are a number of large fires and conflagrations blazing away with great plumes of smoke rising into the atmosphere (these represent wars). Gradually the flames die away and the fires subside; then along comes the fire-brigade (The UN Army), they get out their hoses and beaters and put out all the fires completely, so there is nothing left but cold, wet, scorched vegetation, and the fire-brigade standing watchfully over it.
bullet Silently say the words: 'The world is safe from any more fires'.
bullet Stop thinking and go about your business as before (knowing you have created a situation of peace in the world).

      Turkeys Assault on Syria

bullet The situation with Turkey and Syria lends itself to a very simple abstract visualization which should prove to be very effective: visualize a dressed turkey on a large plate next to pile of tofu (soya bean curd), between the two visualize a pile of ice, melting and cooling any inflamation between the two.


I can only emphasise again how important this is; the fact is that without the procedure outlined above there will never be a situation of peace in the world. So whoever you are and however strange you find it please make the effort to give this program your support. There will be many others with you in the same boat. Each one of you will be making a contribution of great value to the cause of world peace.

If you would like to know more about the process of creative thought and how you can use it to make improvements in your personal, business and social affairs, there is an organisation that specialises in subjects of this nature and is happy to share their knowledge with any genuine enquirer. You may already have heard of them, they are:

The Rosicrucian Order (A.M.O.R.C)

They will be very happy to hear from you.

Another organisation focussing on organised practical application of the power of thought and meditation to attain World peace can be found at this link:


The conventional way

If you find this process too strange and bizarre, there is of course always the conventional method of saying prayers. When you say prayers basically you are petitioning a higher power to do the creative thinking for you, so the process still involves creative thinking on some level.  I personally prefer to do a combination of both - I always pray for success in my creative thinking. We do of course welcome any prayers in support of world peace, the success of this website, and even for the success of our creative thinking!

Prayers done on a daily or weekly basis are particularly appreciated.

If you would like more information on praying and the power of prayer, there is a very helpful movement currently enjoying a lot of activity, you can find them at:


There is also a group (not related to us) that is dedicated to praying exclusively for World peace, they can be found at:


They will be happy to hear from you too.