We believe that within this website lies the only solution to the creation of World Peace


So far, nobody has shown us to the contrary

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When this plan for peace first came into my head (some fifteen years ago) it was my naive assumption that all I would have to do would be to tell all the governments and heads of state in the world about it and they would be tripping over each other to bring it into being.

It is now very obvious to me that this idea was absurd. (I even sent a copy to Saddam Hussein). It's the same as asking the Mafia if they would like to undertake a program to eliminate organised crime.

In the matter of international conflict and hostilities: Governments, Regimes and Heads of State are the villains !

They are NOT overly keen to relinquish their power and give up their ability to annihilate things.  The fact is, they are going to cling to it like limpets on a rock.  Remember, it is imperfect, un-evolved humans we are dealing with here.

Worse still, some of them would actually prefer to remain in the business of manufacturing arms and ammunition to sell for a profit than to see a plan for peace succeed and do them out of some valuable trade.

The Only Way this is ever going to come about is by pressure from below; by having this plan endorsed at a grassroots level by all the ordinary men and women in the world who just want to get on with their lives without any trouble, and for them to insist that the people who are supposed to represent them do something to see that it is instigated.

So the plan is to get as many ordinary men and women as possible to read this website, and for each of them to petition various authorities to see that it gets done.

In this regard could you now please dedicate just one or two hours of your time to world peace, and undertake the following simple tasks:

bulletWrite to the Permanent Mission to the United Nations of your country, giving the address of this website and your support to its contents. For the address of your Permanent Mission, please click Here.
bulletWrite to/E-mail your MP, Senator or whoever else represents you in parliament, giving them the address of this website and your support to it.
bulletIf you live in Europe, write to/E-mail as many MEP's as you see fit, giving them the address of this website, and your support to it, in particular that part which relates to Europe. For the contact details of MEP's, please click Here.
bulletIf you live in Africa, write to/E-mail your political party or head of state, giving them the address of this website and your support to it, in particular that part which relates to Africa. To find the address to write to, please click Here.
bulletGive me some feedback; write to us at: comments@worldpeace.org.uk  whether you are a government representative or a road-sweeper we want to hear your comment. We can then add your approval, question or argument to this website with an appropriate answer.
bulletE-mail this website address Worldpeace.org.uk to as many as your friends and acquaintances as you think will be interested.
bulletPrint out a copy of the website and send to somebody who doesn't have access to the internet (optional).
bulletIf you want to do anything more, please go to the page: Program for Peace. This may not be what you expect, but we need your help if you can give it.

Thank you very much for your interest in Worldpeace.org.uk

This website was created by  Brian Maurice Woodrow

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