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So far, nobody has shown us to the contrary

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Can you imagine a world where there isn't any war? No more innocent bloodshed! No more disruption to people's lives! Can you conceive circumstances whereby weapons of mass destruction are no longer necessary? No more threat of doom and annihilation! No more worries about whose finger is on what button!


This is not an idealistic fantasy! This is something attainable and practicable!

World peace is a sentiment often expressed these days; whether in prayers at the local church, or as a toast at fashionable dinner parties. It is of course a noble sentiment, and one that is worthy of assertion at every opportunity. But in most cases it is only a sentiment; a philanthropic wish for the good of everyone, yet without any concrete solutions as to how it can be achieved or inaugurated.

The fact is that world peace is not just some desirable concept, wished for by the masses but unattainable in reality; world peace is the normal standard of how things should be on an everyday basis, and the way to achieve it is not so very far out of reach.

Do we imagine that the world is going to continue forever in an endless round of conflicts and disputes resulting in loss of life and bloodshed, or shouldn't we suppose that at some stage in human development everybody is going to become wiser and change things so that these events never happen again? Of course the answer is that sooner or later, world peace is going to be the normal state of affairs in international concerns.

If it is going to happen sooner or later anyway, what is wrong with it happening sooner rather than later? World peace doesn't have to be something our descendants will enjoy at some obscure point in the distant future; world peace can happen here and now, and in our lifetimes. The purpose of this website is to show exactly how world peace can be achieved, and what everyone can do to help achieve it.                                             





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