World Peace Does Not Mean World Government

I would like to completely divorce the concept of a universal army dedicated to the cause of World Peace from the concept of a World Government dedicated to whatever cause that government embraced.

The idea of a World Government appeals to some people, mainly those who conceive themselves as the being the ones doing the governing. For them a universal army would be the means to control the general population and to keep themselves in power. The fact is that these are still the dark ages far as governments and politicians are concerned. We are in the 21st century yet we still see tyranical regimes and egocentric individuals running their countries for their own benefit at the expense of the welfare and interests of their populations

A fundamental principle of this website is to separate armies from governments, and to cohese them into one, universal peace-keeping body. That peace-keeping body would be self governing, acting on clearly defined principles and parameters. This website does not support the concept of cohesing the governments of any or every nation into one, universal government. The opposite is the case. Under the protection of such a universal peace-keeping army it would be possible for smaller, more localised governments to exist and function without the fear of being over-run by a larger, aggressive power.

There are many reasons why a world governed by many small diverse local governments is superior than a world governed by one or several central governments. Diversity of politics and culture is not a problem as long as it is not enforced by a gun. Local governments can, according to our principles, be protected by a gun without having one.

Furthermore, a peace keeping army need not have any responsibility to police this diversity of governments other than to ensure that they hold no arms and harbour no aggressive policies. Tyrants and meglamaniacs should not be given a free reign however, and there should be international laws to protect the citizens of any country from despotism. Those laws ought not be policed by a peacekeeping army . The existence of a peacekeeping army however , would make those laws enforcible by a separate organisation such as the UN.