The Facts and Figures





According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (S.I.P.R.I.) the total world

military expenditure for 2022 was:  $2,240-Billion! *                                                              


That's  nearly enough money to wipe out third world debt in one go!

Enough to see that the world is over-run with endangered species.


Enough to finance 120,000 Greenpeace campaigns.


Enough to finance 2 million environmental scientists.


Enough to provide clean drinking water for 9,650 million families.


Enough to provide H.I.V treatment for 30 million sufferers.


Enough to provide 20 million international drug busting units.


Enough to save 40 million children from exploitation and abuse.


Enough to free 35 million women from oppression.


Enough to relieve 50 million families from famine.


Enough to enable the Red Cross to deal with 100,000 disasters.


Enough to instruct and supply family planning to 2,000 million families.





*SIPRI Year Book 2009 : Oxford University Press, (All other figures guestimates)