The term  'Holy War' has been around with us for centuries. The medieval crusades spanned several hundreds of years giving license to bloodshed in the name of God. Islamic doctrine cites the term 'Jihad' (meaning holy war) in many places.
The truth of the matter is that the words 'Holy' and 'War' are as incompatible as any two words in any language can possibly be. War is ever demonic and diabolic in origin and as about as unholy an undertaking that any man can ever engage in.
Enlightened Muslim clerics and scholars know that the term 'Jihad' in Islamic doctrine does not refer to any act of fighting between men, but refers to the holy battle of man within himself to overcome his own lower and baser nature.  Included in that lower, baser nature are: lust for sexual gratification; greed for money and power; and blood-lust to kill , maim and seek glory and gratification in battle.
It is a gross self-deception on the part of so-called Jihadists, that they choose to think that they can satisfy and nurture a blood-lust for war and battle, and that they can do it in the name of Allah or anything holy. Following God is never a licence to kill. A Jihadist who is deceived thus is someone looking to have their cake and eat it too; to indulge their bloodlust and delude themselves that they are doing something rightous.   The true Jihad is to overcome their own desires to fight, kill and maim in the name of anything.  There is no exoneration for citing the name of Allah in their unholy undertakings; the man who cuts off another's head 'in the name of Allah' is still going to suffer the consequences of that action as any other would, i.e.  God's reciprocation of the act.  I personally suspect that in the case of someone doing such a thing in the name of God, then not only will God reciprocate by doing the same thing to them, but would also castrate them first as well for sullying His holy name.

The other idea that the so called 'Jihadists' latch on to, is the idea that Armageddon is a holy process that will instigate the return of Christ.  If Armageddon is coming, then it is a holy process in the sense that it will be the inevitable karmic consequence of man's failure to listen to and obey God.  It is not something written in stone by God, but it could both be written and erasable by man's own actions and behavior.  We have to wonder why Jihadists are so passionate about this return of Christ and what they think He is going to say to them.  There is one thing about Christ and that is that He is consistent.  He is not going to say or do anything differently in His second coming that He did not say or do the first time. If Jihadists have chosen to ignore everything Christ said in His first appearance on earth then why on earth do they expect to have any favorable response from Him when He appears again?

Are you a Jihadist relishing the prospect of Armageddon; running to war? Well Armageddon will not favour you. You can avoid both it and it's consequences; all you have to do is to put down your gun, turn around and walk away.